" Because carrots don't judge you for eating pizza on weekends" - welcome to a guilt free zone of health hacks, self-improvement and wellness wisdom!

Ayesha Fathima

Hey there! I’m Ayesha, balancing carrots for lunch, pizza for dinner, snacking on self-help content and taking deep breaths inbetween as I navigate thorough the adventure called life. Welcome to my happy place! Here, I toss around tiny wisdom nuggets on nutrition, health, and self-improvement. Get to know super-easy strategies, awesome frameworks, and cool hacks that I stumble upon and use in my daily practice. 


FODMAP Diet: A beginner's guide
Low FODMAP diets are designed to manage symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and other gastrointestinal...
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6 Step Guide to make your own Diabetes Meal Plan- for absolute beginners
Social media and the health industry are flooded with a pletora of diets that start from a normal balanced...
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First step towards healthy eating - "Track what you eat"
Unlock the first step to eating healthy for weight loss and health and wellbeing (Free template included!!)...
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How to Sleep? — 10 Golden rules for a good night's sleep
Sleep is almost a forgotten cure to most of our daily health issues. Now we are awakening towards a new...
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3 Things to know before taking a calcium supplement
Calcium is the most commonly used OTC supplement, but is it really necessary to take one? Let’s understand...
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The Secret Habit Hack for Long-Term Motivation
Tired of setting habit goals and not reaching them? I have the ultimate solution -" The Keynote Habit"...
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If you are curious to know who I am? then this is for you…

I am a Registered Dietitian and a Certified Diabetes Educator by profession. I specialize in health coaching and behaviour change. I am a university Gold Medalist and  I have a Masters in Clinical Nutrition with almost 5 years experience. I do online consultations for health and nutrition. Apart from that, I am a psychology and self improvement enthusiast who keeps constantly updating herself. Personally I am learner for life with a contagious smile.