The Secret Habit Hack for Long-Term Motivation

It’s that time of the year when everyone talks about motivation, and setting fitness and health goals. Executing a habit is the most difficult part when trying to live a healthy lifestyle. For almost all of us, starting a healthy habit but sticking to it has always been a challenge. If you are still thinking about breaking this vicious cycle, you are just a step away from achieving it. Let me reveal a secret that has worked great for me and my clients over the past years. 

The secret is simple – have a KEYNOTE HABIT. Now the term “Keynote Habit” might sound something bizarre. It is similar to the role of a keynote speaker in any conference or meeting, he or she sets the stage for the proceedings, similarly – this keynote habit will set the stage for the spiral of habits to occur eventually. In simple words, a keynote habit is a habit that directly or indirectly Let me explain to you indirectly affects other habits.


Let’s start with a simple habit of going to bed late, this is going to cause a cascade of events the next day – waking up late, late to work, missing appointments, binge eating, stress, tiredness and the list goes on. This is an example of a keynote habit.

How do you identify a keynote habit?

First and foremost, list all the habits you want to create or stick to. Then pick the 3 most important ones. For each work backwards on what will create an environment for the habit to occur or break it. Example: If you wish to eat breakfast every day – factors that lead to you eating breakfast can be waking up on time so that you have time to prepare and eat breakfast before you leave to work, for which you must go to bed on time, to make sure you go to bed on time, you must stop scrolling social media that lead to late sleeping pattern, for which you must keep your phone in the living room before you enter your bedroom or switch off as soon as you want to sleep. So in this case your habit goal will not be “To eat breakfast every day” but instead “To keep your phone in the living room before you go to bed. Believe me, it’s a simple hack that will help you redefine the way you set your habit goals.

What if I have multiple habits that lead to a specific habit?

For the same example above, other habits like having a lighter meal at night so you feel hungry as soon as you wake up or preparing your breakfast so you save time making it in the morning chaos can be habits that might prove useful. At this juncture, you need to analyse which one of these keynote habits will work effectively and set them as your goal. Or otherwise, try the trial and error method, may choose the first option and try it for a week or two, followed by the other two. Finally, choose the one that works best for you!


Hope, this simple hack will help you plan your habit-building routine a bit easier. Also, keep in mind that identifying the keynote habit is just the start, there is more towards building a healthy and happy lifestyle. For more tips and tricks on healthy living keep an eye on my blog people! See you soon…

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