First step towards healthy eating – “Track what you eat”

Okay, here’s the deal: if you don’t know what to change about your diet, you’re kinda stuck in the same old food rut. But figuring out what to fix? That’s a head-scratcher, especially if you’re thinking about changing how you eat this year. (Should you try keto? Maybe go vegan? Or how about paleo?) Don’t worry, though – this blog’s got your back.

Let’s talk about keeping an eye on what you eat. In fancy terms, doctors call it “diet recall,” but for us regular folks, it’s basically a food diary. Take a look at this above- an example of what one of my clients eats every day. Seems like she snacks a lot at night and munches on chips while watching Netflix. Knowing what you eat helps figure out when you eat, how much you eat, and what makes you crave certain foods. It also shows those sneaky snacks you didn’t realize add up. For her, it’s important to space out meals better and be aware of those Netflix chip binges.

So, how do you keep track?

First off, forget about counting calories. I’m totally against my clients obsessing over numbers. Knowing what’s in your food is about being aware, not stressing over it. Here’s a to help you track your meals. Make it your own.

Once you’ve got your template, pick your way of keeping track. Pen and paper or using an app – both work. Choose what’s easiest for you.

Next, decide when you’ll write down what you eat. After meals or at the end of the day – whichever fits your life better.

After you’ve logged your meals, it’s time to think about them. Do this every day or after a few days. Figure out what’s good and what needs changing. If you’ve got a dietitian helping you, talk to them about what’s going well and what needs fixing.

Self-evaluating - How to do that?

  1. Find the biggest problem in your diet – that’s your first target.
  2. Think about a simple change you can make – that’s your third target.
  3. Spot an unhealthy habit you didn’t realize – that’s your second target.

How do you know if these targets are good? Ask your dietitian if you have one. If not, make sure you can actually do these things in a week and have some clear goals, like drinking enough water every day.


I know this might seem a bit weird or overwhelming, but trust me, knowing what you eat is the first step to eating better. Need help? Give me a shout – I’m here to help you figure this food stuff out! Cheers to eating smarter!

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